Have you ever been disappointed that a release date for something you’ve been looking forward to was pushed back? Have you ever been frustrated because an appointment you planned was canceled or mysteriously forgotten? How about ordering something from a big retailer such as Amazon and being told that the item will be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances?

These are all incredibly frustrating situations and they can seriously harm our expectations of a business and also hurt the bond of trust between consumer and company. However, while many of these situations are unavoidable, it’s also important to follow up with something that can help you regain trust.

If you want your startup to get off to a great start, then here are a couple of useful tips to ensure that your business is punctual and doesn’t disappoint.

Use software aids to help you

From appointment reminders to scheduling software, make sure you use software aids to help you stay on track. If you’re a small business that takes appointments for things like consulting or repairs, then make sure you and your workers are on time with reminders and schedules to prevent overlap and ensure that your customers get the services they need. Proper planning is required to ensure that you are a punctual business, and software can be the crutch that you need to guarantee it.

Be realistic

This is an important point especially if you’re a small business. You want to ensure that you’re not overestimating your ability to reach a deadline. Set proper time estimates and keep your budget in mind. Be realistic about your expectations and ensure that you have ample time to not only finish your product but to also test it and ensure that there has been tested thoroughly for issues.

People would much prefer a working product that is delayed than a rushed product that doesn’t work as intended, but ideally, neither of these situations should happen! The same applies to appointments and meetings. If you’re unable to see a client at a certain time don’t try to squeeze them in. People will want your undivided attention if it’s a meeting or something similarly important, so make sure you don’t rush time with your clients and customers.

Facing reality and following up disappointments

As mentioned at the beginning, there are always going to be times where you’ll disappoint your audience because of something that was completely out of your control. In times like this, there really isn’t much you can do and it’s important to follow up the disappointment properly.

Depending on your business, you’ll want to ideally let people know via email, social media and even tell media outlets to ensure that people get the message. You’ll want to compensate people if they’ve pre-ordered or invested money, and you’ll want to give a sincere apology message and let your customers know what you plan to do.

Being a punctual business is important especially if you’re a budding startup, so don’t neglect these points mentioned and you’ll have a much easier time becoming successful.