Raising a family is hard. The parents of children with special needs face an even more daunting and difficult task: figuring out how to provide care and financial support for their child after their death. According to Kiplinger, it can cost twice as much for a family to raise a child with disabilities—perhaps even much more if lifetime care is needed.

Many special needs families have limited financial options. It’s one of the many reasons why investment expert Todd Sensing founded FamilyVest. Before launching FamilyVest, Sensing operated Aardvark Neutral Fund, a long-short REIT fund.

Sensing strives to bring optimism to families with special needs by helping them make informed decisions for concerns ranging from government benefits to the long-term care of their child.

“While I was successful in my career, I was seeking greater fulfillment in my work. So I decided to use my career experience for the benefit of families,” Todd said. “As a father myself, I know that raising a family is one of the most meaningful things we can do—but it’s also one of the most stressful. I find it gratifying to lift at least some of the stress by providing financial services personalized for each family’s unique needs.”

FamilyVest, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm provides financial planning and investment management to young families, mature families, and families with special needs.

FamilyVest is a financial advisory firm dedicated to families and particularly those with children who have special needs.

Saving for your child’s college education, accumulating capital for your first home purchase, or planning for retirement?

The firm provides personalized financial planning and investment management to help you achieve your goals, and they specialize in helping families with special needs.

Through a consultative fact-finding process, FamilyVest works with you and all relevant third parties, such as your accountant, insurance advisor, or attorney, to gather the financial statements and information needed to build your financial plan.

The team will work with you to provide detailed advice for your investments and guidance for your financial life, including retirement, education, tax and estate planning.

Contact FamilyVest for more information about their financial solutions for your family or visit the website at https://www.familyvest.com.