As a business, there are plenty of reasons to consider going paperless, ranging from budgetary to environmental. Going paperless is more beneficial than it might first appear. Here, we’ve listed our top ten reasons why you should become a paperless office.

Find information with ease

A recent study showed that on average, employees spend one-third of their time trying to find paper documents. This statistic clearly makes the case for using electronic documents. These documents are far easier to find because you can index your files by document type, date or other helpful criteria. In fact, employees will even be able to use full-text searching. This ensures that important documents can be kept safe in the cloud.

Enjoy instant access anywhere

In today’s global business world, people expect access to information and data within seconds. Investing in workflow automation tools and electronic documents can ensure data reaches the correct people instantly.

Platforms like GoCanvas can quickly accelerate your business processes by instantly emailing your data to customers, partners, and colleagues, as well as providing a platform on which you can complete all of your forms. This makes it exceptionally easy to assign job roles using dispatch servicing.

Capture data automatically

If you choose to use web-based technology to collect and exchange information, you will likely see improved data quality.  Data that is captured digitally is far more reliable and ensures a faster turn-around, as well as lower costs because there is no need to worry about pre-printing any forms and mailing them out.  Plus, you can also generate custom documents automatically, which eliminates the need for manual processing.

Faster approval process

A large number of companies now utilize electronic signature solutions to help speed up the approval process.  An electronic document can be signed digitally and routed to the next step securely.  This speeds up the approval process also make it more reliable.  Overall, this can help to speed up expense reports, loan approvals, contrasts and purchase requests.

Customize your documents

Nowadays, customers want business documents to help meet their unique needs.  Using an electronic document management system will enable you to create a personalized electronic report to help fit custom formats.  This type of electronic system means you can easily set up files to be formatted and distributed automatically.

More environmentally friendly

With excessive CO2 pollution and global warming becoming an increasing concern, most of the world has begun to see the value in reducing their carbon footprint. Opting to become a paperless office can help cut down on pollution and deforestation.

Bring documents together

If your business regularly needs to assemble, route and distribute documents, going paperless can have a major impact on productivity levels and speed. If you choose to use a document assembly software, you’ll easily be able to create a single document from multiple other files that may have different formats.

Boost business efficiency

Going paperless can help boost efficiency in your business processes by replacing the inefficient and slow flow of paper-based files with an automated stream of data and documents. Employees can access and work on documents faster and deliver tasks without delay.

Make your customers happy

Most customers now prefer self-service options and you’ll easily be able to provide customers with secure information electronically.  You can provide electronic access to all the relevant data that your customers may need.  This is bound to make customers happier in the long run.