Fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re spending time with family and friends or hoping to catch dinner, the right gear can make it a successful experience.

Do you spend too long trying to catch live bait before the real fishing begins? Do you hate trying to bait those tiny hooks every single time?

Fishovation wants to make your fishing experience an easy one with success stories you can share with friends and family. The company has created an all encompassing FishTrapper which catches fish for you.

It’s firm and strong, and stays on the bottom. It features adjustable trap doors which allow you to determine what sized fish you want to target, and will also shut when pulling in.

GoPro mount allows users to stream the fish so they know when to shut the trap doors. It sinks and can be cast off boats, live bait moving even attracts larger fish. All this has been tested already, as you’ll see in our explainer vid.

Made from polycarbonate, or premium clear acrylic plastic, their FishTrap is practically invisible when in the water, ensuring that you don’t spook your targets!

Chutes on the lid, and side, allow fish to get in, and will slam shut when desired, such as when being pulled in (no more wading out in freezing water trying to chase the little ones!)!

Perforated holes in the base, as well as 4 cylindrical weight bearers, where you can load sinkers, ensures that The FishTrapper will sink, and sink fast! In fact, it’s so light, yet aerodynamic, you can even cast it out!

For more information about FishTrapper visit Fish Ovation will be launching a KickStarter campaign soon, where you’ll be able to get your hands on the FishTrapper with free shipping and a discount! Sign up and get a special discount code here.