Establishing a rapid response strategy is a high priority for all businesses, from small local brick-and-mortar shops to globally engaged enterprises. It’s more critical to business success now than ever before.

Architectures and applications have evolved to handle millions of users, and thousands of transactions per hour with high reliability and 24×7 availability, hence the need to invest in robust and future-driven tools that can help solve even the most difficult problems faster. Companies that invest in effective rapid response technology can save both thousands of dollars and potential reputational risk.

smartQED has announced its crowdfunding campaign to raise its first external round of capital to IT Ops & DevOps teams in the enterprise to solve complex problems faster.

smartQED analyzes information from both private and crowd-sourced sources to recommend likely causes and solutions. The company enables collaborative investigations through self-learning visual tools for systematic Cause Analysis, making it easy for teams to jointly resolve problems while learning from user actions. smartQED greatly reduces the time taken to resolve complex issues.

smartQED is using an innovative approach to solve these IT Ops/DevOps pain points. Its product provides:

  1. A self-learning, visual workbench for collaborative cause analysis that is more efficient than linear text-based communications. This allows enterprises, especially those with large operations teams, to streamline and enhance their collaboration workflows.
  2. A powerful recommendation engine that automatically suggests possible causes and solutions to a problem. The recommendation engine uses data that is gathered from the collaborative workbench, but also aggregates and analyzes information from public sources (such as Stack Exchange) and internal company knowledge bases.

smartQED wants to become the one-stop shop for DevOps & IT problem resolution. Whether it is a mission-critical problem with major business impact or a minor issue that keeps getting pushed to the back burner, smartQED would be able to guide its users to a solution quickly, like a virtual expert “IT doctor.”

Businesses today face enormous revenue loss and reputational damage due to IT service outages, and the team wants to help alleviate these pains.

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