Nothing beats being able to run your business from home. There is no traffic to deal with, operational costs are lower, and you feel more in control. While all of that is great, there are times when having a virtual office will make it even easier to operate your company. Here are some examples of how the right virtual office solution will make a big difference.

Your own business address

Do you really want to use your home address as your business address? That may be a little more exposure than you want. With today’s online technology, it’s easy for a prospective client to go online and conduct a search using that address. It’s even possible to find images of your home to go along with the address. Once that’s done, there’s no way to get around the fact that the client knows you are operating a home business.

If you set up a virtual office account, you also get a business address. Along with using it for all your letterhead and business cards, anyone who looks up the address will come across images of an office building. That allows you to maintain your privacy while also allowing customers who want to imagine you working away in an office building to do so.

Space to meet with clients

If a client wants to meet with you, having them come to your home is not the best approach. You would do better to lease a temporary office for the duration of the client’s stay in town. Along with the office, check these meeting rooms to use for presentations, conference calls, and other types of meetings. You can secure a conference room at the same time you set up the rental for the temporary office.

Working space when you travel

Do you sometimes need to spend time in another city and hold meetings with a prospective or current customer? Your virtual office account makes it easy to reserve space. Your virtual office provider may have facilities in that city, or at least have a partnership with a provider who does have spaces available. You get to set up a temporary base of operations that ensure you have a place to work other than your hotel room. If the client wants to come back to your office after a meeting, you have a physical office space that serves as your destination.

Keep the costs of a support staff within your budget

Virtual offices come with plenty of staff support. From someone to answer your privately branded line to a team who can set up the audio-visual equipment you need for a video call or a face to face meeting in a conference room, it can all be arranged in advance. All you have to do is show up, connect your tablet or laptop to the network, and get to business.

If you would like to know more about virtual offices and what they provide, contact the team at AgileOffices. Agile Office was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide what the founders wished they had available to them when they were building their businesses.