As a business owner, you know you need to do some kind of marketing. Perhaps you have created television ads, hired a digital marketing agency to do all your online advertising, or maybe you rely on word of mouth? Whatever your tactic, it’s important to know about a wide range of methods that can help. Today we are looking at some trends and some old-school methods that are still helpful. You may just find a technique to give a shot!

The online presence

Most people think that only online businesses should be advertising on the internet. Actually, all businesses should have some sort of advertising online. It’s where most people will find out about you. Creating content on a blog, interacting with your target market on Twitter, and sharing photos of new products on Instagram all help you simplify your marketing and get your business seen. It can also be one of the more affordable options for a business.

Quick note: Television ads can be a useful tool but they come with a heavy price tag. They are a great option for a later date when your marketing budget can better support them.

It doesn’t take much to get started with your digital marketing. You can start with a simple email newsletter. Progress to a webpage and social media accounts. Keep it simple. If you already understand Facebook, start there. You can always add other platforms later as you gain momentum. If you are totally unsure of yourself in the digital world, hire someone who can do it! It will be well worth the cost.

Use tried and true methods

Analog marketing, or traditional marketing, still exists and is still a highly functional tool. Think business cards, newsletters, flyers, and promotional printouts. Of course, you still see these in the real world. They are very good at lending a personal touch. A thank you card sent to your 100th customer, a rewards card, or a simple holiday card makes your clientele base feel appreciated. As the digital age continues to feel invasive, these little techniques can actually make one feel a bit nostalgic.

Think outside the box

All marketers know they need to find something that sets them apart just a little bit. If you want to create a television ad but the money isn’t in the budget, scale down and look to YouTube. You can create a business card with a QR code that links to that ad. You can create online promotions on Facebook that require people to visit your store or office.

Design a scavenger hunt that combines digital marketing (hints on websites and in GPS devices) that takes your participants through town and requires them to take pictures of your analog media (such as flyers). This all could lead them to a special discount or party just for those who are successful at finding specific items.

Marketing should not be a series of single techniques used one at a time. It should be a myriad of ways that work best for you. Don’t be afraid to try multiple tricks and be open to finding the cocktail that works best for you. Watch your competitors and tweak what they are doing to see if it works for you. Good luck and we hope 2018 is your best business year yet!