Most bloggers go into blogging purely out passion for the subject matter and their love for writing. Over time they learn that there are several ways you could make money off your blog, and let’s be honest here, we all could do with some extra cash. There are legitimate ways to earn money from your blog; not those common internet scams that clutter and mess your blog.

Having a blog is a brilliant method of earning some revenue. Whether you are starting out or an experienced blogger, you could learn and benefit from these ways way to monetize your blog.

Sell advertising space

Selling advertising space on your blog is a passive way to make money from your blog. You get commissions for having advertisements on your blog. You register with an advertising agent like Google AdSense after which they’ll send you a code. Subscribing to AdSense is a good way to monetize your blog and earn money online. Of course, there are other services, but Google AdSense is the most popular. It provides several types of adverts to choose from. They often take like two to three days to approve your request after which you are free to use the service.

You get a commission every time someone clicks on an advert on your blog. You can make a fair amount of money from this if your blog has a good following and good traffic numbers. If not for any other reason, this should motivate you to grow your numbers. You should, however, be cautious not be driven by greed and have so many ads on your blog at the expense of the content.

The content should always be more prominent than the ads. People are on your blog for what you write, not the ads. The ads should be subtle. Cluttering your blog with advertisements is actually counterproductive since Google will most likely penalize you, and your traffic will also dwindle. The right balance should always be made in terms of the number of adverts you are putting on your blog.

What to do?

So how do you drive traffic to your blog?

First, the design and appearance of your site should be easy to navigate. You can hire a professional to design your website if you can’t do it yourself. Second, the quality of your content should high to keep the reader engaged and have them stay there long enough to realize conversions. You can hire the services of professional content marketing company like your content shop to help streamline your content and optimize it for search engines. After this, monetizing your blog traffic should then be easier.

Sell goods

You can have a blog for your business and sell goods you deal in through the blog. This is an active means of earning money through your blog. Have specific links to your products – not a link to your homepage – to drive conversions and realize improved sales. Maximizing your content is a sure-fire way of being one step closer to making money from your blog.