Technology keeps advancing at an unbelievable pace. In the old times, case management was something most attorneys handled the manual way by using physical documents and analog storage cabinets. Today, this is no longer needed, since there are better and more time-efficient alternatives. Is your case management software out of date or you aren’t using one at all? Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider an upgrade:

Quickly find what you want

You need a software solution capable of searching within the content of multiple documents at once, not just their respective file names. That is if you want to remain productive and not waste time for no reason, of course. Not only that – a good software solution will also check for any deadlines associated with these cases and list them in a chronological order. It’s also great to quickly pull up the names of any people involved in a particular case within mere moments.

2. Structure and streamline your channels of communication

Wouldn’t it be handy to have all the conversations taking place between you and your clients in a single spot, making it easy to access and find? That way, you can also mark where you are with any given contact in terms of what any party involved needs to do next. For example, if you require a specific document, you may mark this in the status column. Contact information is easy to misplace; why not have a single central piece of software that tracks all contact information of your clients, such as cell phone numbers, physical and e-mail addresses, etc.?

3. Access your files from anywhere

Have you ever faced the problem of wanting to access a particular document, only to find you’ve left it in your office computer, and it just so happens you’re half a country away? With the help of LegalFiles case management software and similar solutions, you can access your work-related documents from anywhere and through any device, even your smartphone.

4. Automate time logs

The best case management software solutions allow you to automatically mark the time and the date whenever you require, no need for you to enter them manually. This includes any billable time you need to add up at the end of the month – the software will take care of that automatically.

5. Conveniently store everything in one place

It’s important for the case management software to allow for a great deal of customization, and adding your custom notes is one of the most important features it needs to support. This will give you a broad overview of any case-related details you need to keep in mind at all times, such as deadlines, contact details, people involved, documents required, case status, etc.


Using a powerful case management software may very well be the difference between you spending 100+ hours on managing your cases the old-fashioned way, or cut the time in half and use it for a much better purpose (like growing your business, hanging out with your friends and family, or entertainment). Is there a reason you haven’t upgraded already?