Real estate investment is among the most sure-fire ways to make a long-term business idea turn into a potential goldmine. While among the most popular areas of investment for new entrepreneurs, the returns made on your real estate portfolio do not always come effortlessly, however. There are costs which many do not initially take into account when investing in property, which can come as a surprise further down the line.

As the value of your investments will vary – prices of real estate in Vancouver, for example, may be outside of your budget while property in Michigan may not be – the name of the game is to work your way through a number of platforms. Much like the popular board game Monopoly, this is a gradual process which can involve a lot of time and patience. Unlike a game, however, you will need to factor in a number of expenses and potential pitfalls, not to mention that you will be playing with real money.

When aiming to make money in real estate, these areas are usually the ones which will see you succeed:

Cash flow

Your investment will generally come from purchasing buildings, such as houses, apartment blocks, office spaces, or storage units. Once you have required the physical bricks and mortar, your aim will be to then rent these out and collect money from the occupants. This is effectively a way to make money while you own a house or property by renting it to those in need of a suitable venue for a business, or a place to live.


This is an area where you are investing in a particular town or city where you are confident a resurgence or considerable growth will be witnessed. For example, there are plans for a borough to be regenerate, which will see more investors move in. As a result, prices may be pretty low but there is promise for profit. House sales may be set to skyrocket, but you can buy them before they shoot up and earn a tasty profit in resale further down the line.


This area of real estate investment has witnessed a pretty significant growth over the past decade. Ancillary real estate investment is a great way to make money without running a huge risk. Effectively, you can place vending machines, gaming machines, small stores, or things like laundry rooms in buildings, and collect from those who use the services. It is an excellent way to have your own steady income which can then be transferred into building more cash further down the line.

When deciding to invest in real estate

Understand that there are many factors which come into play. These points can see you earn a steady income, or lose a lot of cash if you are not prepared adequately. You should take your time, and learn the ins and outs of your investment before making a commitment to move into real estate. Consult professionals and read as much as you can before making a decision on your future.