While reading, in general, maybe a dying hobby, research shows that what intelligent, educated women of all ages actually are interested in reading is non-fiction they can relate to. Of women surveyed, most said they would like to read more true stories of strong women, and when non-fiction feminist books were suggested to them, many either said they were unaware of the books’ existence, or that they’d already read them and were looking for more like them, both responses indicating we need more of these books in circulation.

70% of women surveyed said they would read a book with a feminist angle. 60% think publishers place too much emphasis on celebrities, famous athletes, and women in the public eye, and not enough on average, everyday women.55% find most books for women to be generally uninspiring. 80% said they would buy a book if some of the proceeds were donated to charity.

I AM STRENGTH seeks to deliver inspiring stories from a diverse range of real, relatable women. The book will include perspectives from all walks of life and celebrate intersectional feminism. Two-thirds of all proceeds from sales of the book will go to charitable organizations that support girls and women: No Means No Worldwide, whose goal is to create a rape-free world, and Girls Inc., which inspires all girls to be smart, strong, and bold.

The final third will go to the publisher, the small press Alyssa Waugh, the project creator started, Blind Faith Books, to ensure they are capable of completing projects like this in the future. Alyssa Waugh is a professor of writing at King’s College, holding an M.A. and M.F.A. in creative writing.

It’s the perfect time for a book like I AM STRENGTH. We are currently experiencing a significant global shift concerning feminist issues, with movements like #MeToo increasingly propelling women’s rights to the forefront of mainstream discourse.

Every woman has a song of strength to sing, and I AM STRENGTH wants to help amplify it.

Read more about I AM STRENGTH on Kickstarter and support Kickstarter campaign here. You can read more about the project creator at here and more about Blind Faith Books here.