What do the brick and mortar portion of your business look like? Is it practically empty, with little activity and no foot traffic? Or do you feel like a hoarder, with piles of inventory and employees packed into the place like sardines in a can? Both of these can be signs that it’s time to pack up and relocate.

Growing pains

Seeing your business grow is exhilarating. If you run your business out of your home, perhaps you find that you don’t even have time to address the daily tasks that you used to, or that you’ve filled the garage and basement up with your daily operations. Having your work bleed too far over into your personal life is, frankly, no way to live.

If your at-home venture is turning out to be a smashing success, it’s time to take those profits and invest part of it in a location you can dedicate to your working life. If nothing else, you’ll be much more organized, and able to switch into “off” mode when it’s time to go home.

Maybe you rent or lease a space for your business, but your business was much smaller when you signed on the dotted line. If you do things right, your business will evolve over time. You should be cautious about letting things grow stale or resisting change. No one can do their best in a cramped space – clutter leads to anxiety and distraction. Move up and move out!

It’s not you, it’s them

Some business owners find they need to move when the industry or neighborhood around them has undergone changes since they first opened. Maybe you used to be planted in a highly-trafficked commercial space, but most of the other businesses around you have shuttered.

It happens a lot, and you don’t want to be located in one of these “dead zones”. You may think it leaves more traffic for you, but it really appears as though your business is next on the chopping block.

Perhaps your neighborhood used to feature a mix of commercial, industrial, and residential uses, but now it’s just more like quiet residential, even if you’re still complying with zoning laws. When prospective clients or customers turn down that street, do they feel like maybe they’re encroaching in someone’s private space? Would they imagine a business such as yours in that area?

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Another reason to move involves downsizing. As many people have turned to the internet, this isn’t always a bad thing. It just means you can save money by moving to a smaller location while you grow online operations. It’s not an admission of defeat, it’s smart business sense!

Keeping a business going demands that we stay sharp and be prepared for the next move. Sometimes this involves an actual, physical move to create space, move closer to our customer base, or downsize to refocus efforts. No matter the reason, keep an open mind, and you might be shocked by how changing things up reinvigorates your business.