Search engine optimization is an important concept in marketing which involves making sure that your website and content are optimized to gain the highest ranking on a search engine. It is a concept which is simple, however, the methods do sometimes confuse people. Here are some of the simple things you need to know about this type of marketing this year.

Good content is key

Content marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing out there and is most likely the first thing you think about when looking for a better strategy. However it is not only the content itself which is important for SEO, it is the quality of the content too. You can find out about how to incorporate keywords into your content with ClickMinded SEO training and this will help your website rise in the rankings and be more likely to be seen.
Use Google+

Because of the fact that Google Plus is a social media which is owned by the search engine, any engagement you receive in here ranks very highly 9 the search engine results. If you don’t currently have a Google Plus account for your company it could be a very useful tool to get. This will allow you to simply share the same content as you do on your other social accounts, but in the process gain more traction on the search engine. You will notice a big difference after a while in the ranking of your content because of this.

Optimise your website

One of the things which you have to make sure if when creating content and a website for your audience is that the website works. When you are creating a website yourself it can be easy to fall into the trap of uploading images which are too high in quality or installing broken links.

However, when it comes to putting your website live this will affect your ranking because Google wants to give its customers the highest quality websites. If you can test your website for faults, you will be able to work on any small issues to make the loading time better, navigation easier and the overall usability better for everyone.

Fix your issues

If you ever have any problems with your website, content or social media accounts you need to make sure you fix it right away. In a marketing role this will seem like second nature and the most obvious thing to do: however when you know that your SEO ranking will suffer from it you will have even more motivation to sort out the issue.


You absolutely do not have to be an expert in computer code to make some easy changes to your website. The way your website it coded is important for SEO because the code is the language which the search engine speaks. You need to tell it the type of website you are from the off to increase your ranking. To do this you need to change your title, meta description and h1,h2 and h3 to add keywords and point towards what the site is about. You can learn how to do this online pretty easily and it will make a big difference.