The right kind of card game is fun and engaging. Cool as a Cucumber is a simple card game that is very tactical, anger provoking and friendship ruining.

You pick your cucumber avatar from the 20 available, remember to pick one that suits your current emotional state (keep it safe, you bruise easily).

Players take turns drawing cards and seek help from the Fruit and Vegetable cards to keep your cucumber from being Sliced, Diced, Chopped, Peeled, Juiced and Spiralized.

Each Fruit or Vegetable card has a unique ability. You can re-arrange the top 3 cards of a deck, place a You’ve Been Served card anywhere in either deck or create a salad with multiple cards.

Cool as a Cucumber, like every game, take a couple of playthroughs to understand the rules and really get into the game. Playing time is 15-20 minutes.

Paul Pickering, creator of Cool as a Cucumber, describes the idea behind the game.

Find out why this is the best card game you will ever play with your friends and family. Read more about Cool as a Cucumber and support the project on Kickstarter here.