Whether you’re creating your own company, product or brand, it’s likely become clear that doing so is a costly affair. Not everyone is able to take out sizeable loans and startups tend to be too unstable to risk it in the first place. Kickstarter type campaigns are difficult to get going if your pitch doesn’t have master-crafted mass appeal and capital isn’t something everyone has the luxury of starting off with.

If you have managed to get your startup off the ground, you’ll begin to face the issue of running costs. The price of employment, property, consumables, marketing, research and the plethora of other ongoing costs will eat you alive if you don’t have a solid side-income.

Luckily, no matter who you are or how dire your financial situation is, there are plenty of ways for you to supplement your income while still being able to work on your startup. Here are some of the best.

Retail/Sales jobs

On the entry-level end of the spectrum, retail and sales jobs tend to be fairly casual and easy to get into. With little to no education and experience requirements, fair hours and reasonable pay, these jobs provide the benefits of full-time work with the flexibility of a side job. You won’t be going home with tons of papers to fill out or hours of admin work. Usually, the job ends when the hours end, allowing you plenty of time to work on your startup.

Large retailers such as Walmart can be found in almost every corner of the US and have a sizeable reputation to uphold. This post on Walmart careers provides all the information you need to get started.


The concept of “beermoney” is said to originate from the Reddit forum that goes by the same name. It’s essentially any online company that pays fairly low amounts of money for tiny amounts of work. This includes watching ads, filling out surveys, completing tasks and a variety of other small gigs.

You won’t be making a full-time income, but you won’t be spending too much time on it either. Some sites even offer passive earning opportunities, so be sure to check out the subreddit before getting started.

Freelance work

Are you part of a startup where you’re selling your skills? Chances are you can add some more references to your CV and earn a side income selling those same skills online. If you’re a copywriter, check out the endless list of content mills you can apply for. If you’re a graphic designer, consider creating a gig on Fiverr. If you love to code, share some tutorials or sell your services by starting your own website. These days, the opportunities are endless.


If you’re passionate about your startup and sure that its bound for success, your only hurdle is funding. Once that’s sorted, it comes down to you and your team’s willingness to achieve your goals. Get out there, put in the hours, create your vision and change the industry – because you can.