Invoicing is invaluable for business. Generating and sending invoices for payment of goods and services can be a time-consuming process. When your business is thriving and you’re busy trying to deal with a number of different requests, taking the time to send invoices can be challenging. Invoices provide evidence that products and services are delivered and establish a company’s right to payment.

Solna wants to help you create invoices in a flash, automate your cash flow, and reduce your exposure to risk. The invoicing app speeds up the payment process for small businesses; saving them time, mitigating risk, and allowing them to plan ahead and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Through leveraged credit data, that is overlaid on the platform’s invoicing and reporting functionality, users get a clear picture of their customer’s financial health and overall exposure to risk.

The system’s automated credit control functionality automatically chases the user’s overdue invoices and frees up their time, enabling them to go and grow their business.

Know exactly how your business is performing and where your money is with Solna’s intuitive dashboard and reports. Get faster and clearer insights simply, so you can get on with growing your business.

The team at Solna are taking the fear factor out of finances, a  vital aspect of any company. They want to empower a generation of entrepreneurs to turn their passions into profit

You should have full clarity of your finances because you know the potential they hold for your company better than anyone else on the planet.

By taking the toil out of finances, you can devote every waking second to building your passion into an empire.

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