The usefulness of an easy-to-use, reliable inflation device at home and out on rides cannot be overemphasized. While a floor pump is a quick solution at home, most mini pumps are finicky to deal with out on the trail and take a lot of time and effort to inflate a big tire after fixing a flat.

Every cyclist will experience a flat tire. Traditional hand pumps, CO2 inflators, and mini pumps are cumbersome, require a lot of strength and energy to use, and most importantly do not work well.

Stompump is building a dependable, user-friendly and mobile pump for your inflation needs at home and on the road.

The Stompump is a compact tire inflator that’s powered by your leg. It comes with a frame dock that lets you stow it on your bike’s water bottle holder. It has a built-in air filter, a small storage compartment and a chuck that works with Presta and Schrader valves.

Developed as a compact, precision high-volume foot pump, the Stompump gets a fully machined aluminum body, with a short hose flexible and a simple press-on head that works with both Presta & Shraeder valves.

At just 185g, it is able to pump a mountain bike tire up 3x faster than a normal high-volume mini pump, and without the hassle of leaning over a wheel, trying not to lever too much against the valve.

The Stompump includes an air filter, not so your tires have clean, non-polluted air inside them, but rather to keep the pump’s internals dirt and debris free for smooth operation.

The middle portion of the pump is a storage area. It’s 22.2 x 53mm, enough for some patches or tire plugs. The pump is rebuildable and repairable with simple disassembly.

The Stompump was born two years ago after a miserable experience on the side of the road in a freezing rainstorm fighting a mini-pump for twenty minutes to fix a flat. The founders needed a solution. Since that time, they have spent countless hours perfecting a pump for all types of cyclists.

For more information, or to support the project, visit the Stompump Kickstarter campaign page.