If you are starting out, or even if you have been running a business for several years, every manager appreciates just how hard it is to keep his or her workforce happy, healthy and productive. All you need is just one disgruntled team member to affect your business output and spell disaster for you reaching your business targets on time. If you are keen to make a few changes to keep your workforce in the best mood, all year round, then you will need to pay attention to your office environment, consider the important work/life balance and throw in a few perks also.

Remember a job that you had one summer as a student, or perhaps it was your first job, that you absolutely hated? We all have an experience from the world of work that has shaped our professional career or made us rethink how we act and behave at work. Make sure that your office or venture is not this negative experience for your current workforce. Be sure to treat your contractors, freelance staff and full-time employees with the respect and decency that they deserve. Nobody likes to have a boss that is so stressed out they cannot focus on keeping the rest of their team happy, or who is moody and grumpy to be around. It’s vital that you are not that person and treat your own team, as you yourself like to be spoken to and valued.

Going green

Is your current office space rather beige or brown? Perhaps the lighting causes your staff migraines, or maybe you wish that you could make a few small changes to boost your overall mood and energy levels? If you do not already have plants and greenery in your office, then this is one quick fix that will make your workforce enjoy spending time indoors and at their desks.

Not only do plants increase the amount of oxygen in your office, meaning that your employees will have more energy and air to breathe, but they are also ideal if you are looking to improve mood and decrease the risk of depression or mental illness. Plus, your employees will instantly get a mood boost if they feel connected to nature and the world outside. Greenery in the workplace can also help you to improve your overall motivation, providing ecotherapy through a green, sustainable and inviting workplace. If you are looking to keep your workforce happy, then consider investing in plants and bring the outside in.

Value employees

No one likes to go to their place of work every day and feel like their contributions are no longer valid. Remember that as an employer or manager it is up to you to make your entire workforce feel special, no matter how small the role that they play. View all of your employees like a cog in a machine, unless they are oiled and replaced if they break, then your business machine could risk breaking down. Make sure that you schedule regular meetings with your colleagues to provide them with a space to discuss any issues or concerns that they may have. You should also provide praise and positive comments on a regular basis to boost morale and make your entire workforce feel like their role is making a difference.

Finally, be sure to consider ways in which you can improve your colleagues’ work/life balance also, to avoid burnout or creating a negative and stress-laden atmosphere in your office. Consider providing subsidized gym memberships or keep fit classes to ensure that your workforce remains happy and healthy. Make sure that your workforce also takes their full lunch break, and consider having the odd half-day on a Friday so that colleagues can spend time with their loved ones and family. Be sure to provide rewards and incentives when your team reaches their yearly targets too so that your entire unit feels valued and special. We spend many hours of our lives at work, so make sure that this is a positive and fulfilling experience for your workforce.

Productive work environment

Remember that if your office space is dark and unwelcoming, then the chances are that you will not be getting the results that you desire. Make sure that you consider your work environment and set a positive stance that your colleagues will strive to meet and follow. It’s also important to keep your office space clean and inviting so your workforce look forward to coming into a welcoming office every day. You should also provide a regular stream of quality coffee and hot beverages, such as from Office Coffee Service so that your team is kept hydrated and happy.

Finally, pay attention to your current office layout and set up also as this could be impacting your output. Remember that open-plan offices work to a certain extent, but this environment can become disruptive and quite noisy at times. Whereas private rooms can create a sense of division and resentment if they are not for more senior members of staff, so, be sure to create a productive and open space in which you can all brainstorm ideas and enjoy working together to achieve the results that your company needs.

Remember if you want to see your venture continue to be successful and productive, then you need to pay attention to your workforce. It’s important to create an environment that is welcoming and inviting, such as by adding plants and greenery to break up grey spaces. Make sure that you make your colleagues feel special and valued, by providing perks and holding regular meetings to discuss any issues and offer praise.

Finally, create a productive working environment and consider your office layout to make sure that you get the results that you need. Keep your workforce full of coffee and snacks also, so that they have the energy to reach your business goals. Pay attention to your colleagues and remember any negative work experiences that you may have had during your career so that you can create an environment your colleagues will no longer want to leave.