Girls seem to love buying every pair of shoes they can afford. They’ll take a large percentage of them on holiday. It’s actually surprising they don’t carry them around in handbags. I think it’s fair to say you might be addicted to shoes.

Maybe you’ve thought about building your own successful shoe brand in the past. It’s a good idea to grow a business around something you love. Please don’t let the competition scare you away. You’ll just need to learn how to build a great brand.

1. Choosing the right name

We’ll start with your business name because most girls will stress out over it for months. These days, it’s hard to find a short brandable name. Don’t be afraid to choose something longer like WalkingOnACloud.

Your name still needs to sound memorable, but it’s more important to acquire the Dot Com suffix. If you don’t get it you’ll face a number of issues, which includes losing traffic that will buy your products.

2. Build a quality website

If you don’t get the website right nothing else will matter. I know you won’t be opening any offline stores in the near future, so your site is a big part of your brand. Customers should feel safe when they visit.

When your brand doesn’t look trustworthy it’s hard to sell products. The color scheme you choose is a vital part of the design. You need to ensure it’s easy for girls to navigate around your website too.

3. Unique logo and slogan

People will tell you a logo doesn’t make a big difference, but it’s not true when you’re building a shoe brand. If someone asks you to describe Nike it’s likely you’ll talk about the swoosh before anything else.

Basically, you need a logo customers will be able to recognize. You’ll need a catchy slogan too, which should resonate with people when they land on your site. It should also tell them what your business is about instantly.

4. Choose a particular style

It’s hard to sell random pairs of shoes on your website. When you’re starting out it’s much easier if you have a particular focus. If it’s the shoes you might only sell sneakers to help people excel at sports.

You can go a little broader and focus on the beach, which would involve selling any type of shoes girls wear to the beach. Think hard about this because you want to spend time working on something you enjoy.

5. Research all your customers

Once you know what shoes you’ll be selling it’s crucial to identify the girls who will buy them. You need to spend a long time getting inside their heads. After a while you’ll know everything about them.

How can you convince your target market to buy your shoes? How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? If you get this step right you’ll need a lot less traffic to sell the same number of shoes.

It’s enough to get started

Everything we’ve talked about today is enough to get started. You can become an affiliate or look into dropshipping before designing your own shoes. Don’t move onto that stage until you’re making good money.