Don’t be defined by the number on a bathroom scale. To help you change the way you look at those numbers, The Yolo Project has created YoloScale to turn the numbers on a scale into achievable goals that earn you real-life rewards.

The YoloScale is a modern and luxurious take on the traditional bathroom scale, equipped with Bluetooth speakers; waterproof touchscreen display and rechargeable lithium battery.

The YoloScale accessorizes your bathroom and finally upgrades your bathroom scale to Gadget status! The YoloScale will primarily measure weight and calculates BMI.

Owning the YoloScale gives you access to the YoloApp and community: Yolites can only sign up to the YoloApp by synchronizing their YoloScale with the app (Available for IOS and Android).

The YoloApp is what connects you with the YoloScale. With the app you can view your goals and set new goals, connect with a community of people that are on the same path as you, you can share and view others before/after photos, browse healthy recipes, share cute pet photos, and as you hit your goals you can earn Yollars which are rewards that can be redeemed through local connections and partners with the YoloApp.

The team at YoloProject wants to redefine the relationship between people and their scale and to help promote healthy body images. Their mission today remains unwavering, building technologies and communities to improve our body issues and overall health.

They now attempting to bring their new smart scale to the market with a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. For more details or to support the YoloScale, click here.