Sumtastic, a math board game originally designed by its inventor, a school teacher, for his own children to help them understand maths better, is now available for children and adults across all age ranges for both educational and recreational purposes.

Sumtastic was invented to help engage inner-city children with maths. The resulted was far from planned as children and teachers started to use the first few games. News soon spread and demand started to grow for the game and the possibility of launching the game commercially became a previously not thought about reality. Multiple stages of evolution of the game have taken place resulting in the game you see today.

The game can be played by 1 player or more and can be played by ages 7 years and above, instructions on how the game is played has been translated in all the world’s most spoken languages, and modified versions of play are available to support all levels of player.

Sumtastic is already been referred to as “The maths equivalent of scrabble” is currently making waves as being both fun and a great way of understanding mathematics better.

Playing options  
  • Play solo or multiple players.
  • Quick game set-up time, just as quick to pack away
  • If you can count you can play
  • Not just dice rolls! The suspense is from the tile selection.
  • The game is played with skill and luck

The game comprises of the main board and playing tiles manufactured from sustainable woods. The original tile bags were created from cotton, we have now adopted a change in colour and natural dies are used. The packaging is made from a high percentage recycled paper and card as is the materials that the instructions and scorecards are printed on.

For more enquires about Sumtastic or to back the project, visit their Kickstarter campaign page.