Technology plays a key role in both developed and startup businesses. Even the most successful entrepreneurs should always look for ways to upgrade their skills, especially with new and developing technologies. Let’s take a look at three of the top technology trends that every entrepreneur should be taking advantage of to grow their business and create a better customer experience.

1. Mobile

With the steady growth and popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, companies are starting to move almost completely into the mobile space. Easy mobile accessibility means that businesses will be able to reach customers instantly and cater to those who are tech-savvy and/or constantly on the go. This means that companies are able to connect with current and potential customers via text, email, apps and social media platforms.

Because of this, businesses are focusing on making more user-friendly mobile apps and mobile versions of their websites. In-app purchases for your goods and services are a great way to stay up-to-date with the trends since 1 in every 3 online consumers shop only on mobile devices. In addition, mobile capabilities allow for business owners to provide additional features like 24/7 live chat and customer support via text messaging.

2. Social media

With mobile technology on the rise, one of the most obvious tech trends that has no sign of slowing is social media. More and more companies are spending their marketing efforts and budget on social media for their businesses. This includes brand awareness, general advertising, current promotions, direct consumer communication and more. There are tons of different ways to master social media for business, but the main focus should be to retain current customers and capture potential customers. Some tips for growing your business via social media might include:

  • Having a strong online presence by posting content often and utilizing multiple social media platforms
  • Creating fun, engaging content for new and current customers
  • Always respond to both positive and negative reviews and comments

Social media is an important tool for entrepreneurs to use and constantly keep up with, especially since social media accounts for over 2 billion users worldwide. This means businesses are able to reach users that might not have known about their products and services otherwise.

3. Automation

Another tech trend that entrepreneurs should be familiar with is artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Being aware of the top artificial intelligence platforms is crucial for businesses to be able to create better and more high-tech digital project, increase overall productivity, and one-up the competition. AI platforms open up the possibilities to a number of different areas of technology like machine learning, virtual reality, cloud-based tools and so much more. Companies are starting to integrate AI into their business to completely replace certain departments and people with virtual ones.

For example, virtual assistants and other artificial intelligence tools like chatbots that can automate certain tasks, like chatting with customers via a conversational interface whether that be through your website, phone call or text message. These AI chatbots can serve as an all-in-one customer service center helping customers around the clock. This means saving your company time and money by cutting down on costs and resources, all while better serving your clients in real-time.

If you want to become a better entrepreneur, then keeping up with the latest technology trends are going to be key to your company’s success. By integrating these three areas of technology into your business, you are guaranteed to succeed.