Is video advertising essential for your company to raise and develop? If yes, you should definitely make it. Spare some time to mind the idea, write down the main thesis and spare some space in a tight schedule. A video is money. Yes, today you can create a perfect video with any device. But adding effects, music, cutting can require special skills, buying software or searching for specialists. Let’s decide if everything is worth it.

Why do you need an advertising video?

Primarily we need to consider all reasons to get a video.

To raise conversions and sales. The human brain accepts visual information better. For example, in research, academic works people always use graphs and pictures. Visit to know more about academic writing.

Adding a video on a landing page of a site can raise conversions up to 80%. Also, movies sell directly. According to researches, about 70% of customers buy a product after watching a video about it.

To increase ROI. Yes, making a good video takes time and money. But 76% of companies assume that the invested money comes back quickly. Besides that, online instruments for video processing become more affordable. And even your smartphone can make pretty good videos. And users do not expect ideal videos from you. The main criteria are information quality and answers to all questions that can appear.

To raise your reputation. This is the basis of your conversions and sales. But improving reputation must be an aim itself. Trust and reputation are the heart of Internet marketing. Advertising videos can positively affect trust.

Effective marketing videos reveal goods in an informal way. It creates an impression of a personal approach. It is the reason for 57% of customers to say ‘ video gives us more confidence before making a purchase’.

They are rated highly by Google. Videos allow raising the surfing time on your site. And a search engine automatically thinks that a website is good, so it should be shown in the first places of search results. Stats show that pages are 53 times more frequent to appear in Google if they contain videos.

It is a perfect explanation. Are you starting a new project or service? Create a ‘How things work’ movie. 45% of companies which use video marketing noticed that they have explanatory videos. Of these companies, 83% told that an explanatory video can be effective.

Steps of Making a Marketing Video

Create a plan and guess the idea. Think about what should be told. Answer these questions:

  • Who are you shooting a video for?
  • Where will you place it?
  • How does it fit into your marketing plan?
  • What action do you want a customer to perform after watching it?
  • Why is it worth watching?
  • For whom is it: present customers or the future ones?
  • How will it help your customers?
  • Can you create this video?
  • How much time will it take?
  • What is the length of the video?
  • Will people have a desire to share it with friends?
  • How will you move your customers to share?

Even if you decided to go on air spontaneously, write a simple plan.

Decide who will shoot and cut. During planning, you need to decide if you are able to do it. Or is it better to delegate it to specialists and pay attention to other essential aspects?

Mind where you will place a video. For different social networks, you should make different videos. Then you have to make more preparations: find actors, staff, things to shoot. But these are final steps. At least now you know what to begin with.