All new entrepreneurs strive to reach the point where their startups are ready to thrive and grow. However, this growth is impossible without a great team. No matter your possibilities and little funds, building a team of professionals is the key to growing your business fast. As soon as you surround yourself with the following types of people, your startup will begin to thrive at an astonishing pace.

1. Someone who can finance your startup

One of the most valuable team members is someone who is able to secure financing. Although you, as an entrepreneur, should finance your company, you need someone who can increase a capital for the business and invest their own money into your startup in case you run out of cash. If you’re on a super tight budget, you can consider getting into a partnership. However, before you sign a partnership agreement, ensure you can trust that person and they have more finances than you do.

2. Someone who shares your values

Once you find someone who will finance your business, pay attention to other employees joining your team. They should share your goals and values and be passionate about what they do. If you lack a communication with your team member, your business will more likely to stop functioning in a year or less, regardless of how professional they were. This will eventually result in a waste of energy, time, and money.

3. Someone who boasts a mix of specialized skills

Your team won’t be complete without a “utility employee.” Ideally, this person can help you register a company name via a formations company, manage the documents, and handle any other minor business tasks. This also can be someone who can easily contribute as a social media coordinator, copywriter, graphic artist, editor, translator, videographer, or even accountant. This “versatile” person will help you cope with boring tasks without hiring multiple employees for each task.

4. Someone who can fill a leadership role

Despite being a leader, the last thing you want to do is to stay engaged in the business 24/7. As your startup grows, you’ll need more time for thinking about some new ideas or handling some life problems. Each company should have a leader – be it a manager and a coach – who understands the difference between the two. You need to have a right-hand man who will lead your team and promote your business growth even when you’ll be busy with personal stuff.

It’s also your responsibility to figure out which team member is engaged or not. Once you find someone who is on the same page and whom you can trust, give them a bit more freedom to see how they lead a team. A leader sets the tone for a company, that’s why they should focus on finding someone who can fill a leadership role.

5. Seller

A go-to salesperson isn’t someone who easily sells any product. It’s the person who can win some profitable agreements or projects, which will contribute to the company’s growth. This should be an easy-going, confident person who can purchase a high-quality product while selling the worst one. This type of people should be empowered to attract, ask, and sell, as well as being able to prospect, grow, and raise your company’s income.

6. Analyst

It’s impossible to know it all, even if you’ve read lots of books. In marketing, it’s hard to interpret, analyze, and measure your data. The professional will measure the correct performance of your marketing campaign, segment your customer base correctly, and target any appropriate demographics. The analyst can do this job in a few hours and they can fuel your startup or jump-start it on a tight budget. Expert analysts might cost pretty cash, so if you’re on a budget, try to find either a college graduate or a freelancer analyst.

Building a team isn’t rocket science, yet it’s critical to have a group of people who strive to succeed. The company’s growth stems from your team, so select wisely and don’t forget to create a board of advisors. The advisory board is tricky as you can receive both useful and bland tips, so be ready to splurge of a professional. As soon as you form your squad, focus on reaching your business goals and being an excellent leader.