Implementing lead generation into your sales funnel can have a big impact on startup success. Startups can employ lead generation to build out a robust customer base and increase sales revenue.

“When founders begin their organizations, they work their own networks first,” Matt Sunshine of Entrepreneur explained. “Eventually, they tap out these personal spider webs and neglect to move beyond them. Instead, they delve into the everyday operations and forget to keep bringing new prospects in the door.”

Many startups fail to employ powerful lead generation efforts. But you can break the trend and put lead generation campaigns into place for exponential startup growth and profits. Here are 5 expert lead generation tips to maximize your startup’s success.

1. Leverage multiple lead generation channels

There are a wide range of lead generation channels your startup can leverage to maximize results. Some channels may even surprise you. For instance, 40 percent of B2B marketers agreed that live events are a successful way to approach lead generation.

Other marketer recommended lead generation tips include:

  • 53 percent for email marketing
  • 44 percent for SEO and SEM
  • 44 percent for content marketing
  • 40 percent for live events
  • 20 percent for social media marketing

Use all the above B2B lead generation tips to start netting more leads and more conversions. For example, you can have an email marketing lead generation campaign that is tethered to a live event with social media and content marketing campaigns adding lead gen fuel.

2. Serve up more compelling offers

More compelling offers equates to startup success. When you are just beginning your business journey, there is only room to grow in traffic and conversions. This makes compelling offers absolutely vital.

These offers could be a free trial on a service, a lead generation tactic that works very well for software companies in B2B and B2C. Another example is discount and promo codes for new products. This can help boost initial sales, and increase much-needed rates and reviews to build consumer trust down the road.

Health tech startup Your Doctors Online launched a free doctor chat service for three months in late 2017. Their lead generation tactic sent patient registrations through the roof with an increase in website traffic of 50 percent to 80 percent month after month since the lead gen strategy was implemented.

More compelling offers spread across multiple marketing channels, like social media and your blog can create a perfect lead gen storm.

3. Make your call to action very clear

A startup with a very clear and concise call to action can net more leads. Sometimes less is more, as long as it serves up value for the user. You can also be creative with your lead gen tactics.

For example, short video lead magnets can have exceptional results. Tai Lopez, an entrepreneur and author launched a pre-rollout lead magnet video, “Knowledge & Lamborghinis” and netted more than 600 million views.

Why did it do so well? The video had a clear call to action. You can also use landing pages to serve up your call to action too. For instance, you can create free landing pages for products and services using MailChimp.

4. Craft more enticing Ad copy

A clear and concise call to action means crafting more enticing ad copy. Let’s face it, most ad copy is bland, but your startup can make a creative change. For instance, don’t fall into the same old static content post for social media lead generation.

To get more creative, use gifs and videos. You can also signup for a free account on Canva to serve up highly visual lead gen ad copy in a more unique way. Standing out among all the online ad noise can make your startup a known brand among your target audience.

To craft enticing ad copy that converts also means getting personal, like leveraging your target audience demographics to connect in a more meaningful way. For instance, if you have a lot of traffic from a location, develop ad copy with key aspects of that location.

5. Make remarketing a priority

Did you know that it takes six to eight touch points to convert a consumer in most industries? “The six to eight touches it takes to qualify a lead are crucial components of the lead nurturing process, allowing marketing the opportunity to educate and inform prospects as they move through each stage in the buying journey,” Fergal Glynn of Salesforce said.

This makes remarketing a startup asset. Remarketing via social media marketing or email marketing can get those touch points up, leading your consumers down your sales funnel faster.

Remarketing also takes a potentially lost customer into a customer by engaging with them in a new way. Retargeting ads to leads has also been shown to increase ad response by 400 percent, according to CMO.

What is your startup lead generation strategy?

Lead generation is one of the most powerful assets for startups. However, many startups are simply not employing lead generation strategies that increase customer base and revenue. What lead gen strategy has worked well for your startup?