It’s one thing to gather customers, it’s quite another to sustain and maintain their appreciation of your firm. To do so is incredibly important because while any competent sales pitch can often guarantee some success providing the product is well designed and the deal is fair, retaining that second, third, fourth and perhaps lifelong purchase or service subscription from a customer or client should never be taken for granted.

Luckily, the aftercare that you might allow for can help customers feel valued, but only if you’re sure to stay attentive to their needs. This means understanding the needs and wants of the select customers in your care, and trying to provide a platform which allows them to interface with your firm in a positive exchange. We’d suggest the following as methods to increase this attentiveness, which could pay off in the long run:

Support networks

Your support networks not only help you rectify problems, but they help you identify them when they arise. If you notice that a large number of specific error reports are coming your way, it might be that a digital system you provide to your clients is dysfunctional and requires further repair. You might become aware of a product failure thanks to many reports, which could lead to you initiating a product recall.

Support requests, even using a generous 1800 phone number cost reduction, can only give you a small side of the story if you’re unwilling to listen to the broader picture, and understand other complaints in aggregate. Thankfully, if you’re willing to branch out and see just what is being spoken about with frequency (which can be collected via the error reporting documentation handed to your support staff for completion during each call,) you will find where the leaks of the ship are, and plug them with a greater degree of rapidity.

Returns & repairs policy

A customer will always feel satisfied with a competent warranty policy, something that guarantees a replacement or repair within a number of years of purchase. This helps blanketly stay attentive to your customers because once they report an issue your automated system will immediately be able to either lend advice or allow them to claim that warranty and find a solution that way.

A solid returns and repair policy shows that you are being attentive because it provides a solution before a fault is even potentially considered. There is power in this, both in saving your business time and lessening the headache of the customer experiencing an issue in the first place.

Customer accounts & automated rewarding

Customer accounts are important to create. When doing so, you allow the customer to define their interaction with your offers online, and as such dictate how they are to experience your firm. But you should also reward them for their loyalty and repeat purchases. Money off from time to time can come as a great help, as can helping them build points to reclaim later. Again, this works as a form of instant rewards, showing that you care about your customers, and in return, they will care for you.

With these simple efforts, attending to your customers, perhaps sometimes pre-emptively, is an excellent habit you will begin to thrive with.