Did you know that smoking kills more Americans than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murder, and suicide combined? The U.S. totals over 480,000 deaths per year that are directly attributable to smoking. In addition, more than 16-million people are currently suffering from smoking-related illnesses. As a result of public awareness of smoking illnesses and deaths, millions of Americans try to stop each year.

Tobacco use also takes a huge toll on workplace productivity. As explained by Smoke Free Kids, the U.S. economy loses $151 billion per year because of smoke-related illnesses that force people out of the workforce. Even higher amounts of lost productivity are caused by short-term disability and sick days taken as a result of smoking-related symptoms.

In addition to illnesses, smoking also hurts worker productivity because of nicotine dependency. This goes beyond the need for smoke breaks. Because nicotine dependency causes changes in the brain, energy, concentration, and anxiety levels gyrate according to nicotine levels, a situation that affects work efficiency and output.

As a result of losing productivity, many business people are quitting smoking, both to extend their working lives and to make themselves more efficient. Quitting cold turkey often provides poor results. Productivity decreases while fighting withdrawal symptoms. A better approach is using a medication like Chantix. Chantix allows users an instant productivity gain because its formula reduces the urge to smoke and stops withdrawal symptoms. While on the medication, users report feeling great, despite the fact they are withdrawing from nicotine. To minimize costs for Chantix, many people use the Chantix coupon card from SingleCare.

Nicotine ranks as one of the toughest habits to break because nicotine causes a surge of dopamine in the brain, as explained by Dr. OZ. Dopamine induces feelings of pleasure and dulls pain. It also brings on feelings of relaxation. It’s easy to see why people continue smoking. They like the feeling of increased dopamine levels.

Once nicotine leaves the body, the smoker loses the pleasing, relaxed feelings and the painkiller effect. The result is craving another cigarette, which, if you’ve been a smoker for any period of time, you know well.

With prolonged smoking, brain chemistry changes. As nicotine continues to cause a surge in dopamine levels, the brain’s dopamine supply runs low. As a result, a smoker feels the effects of low dopamine: lack of pleasure, apathy, pain, fatigue, nervousness, poor concentration, and cravings. The brain requires more nicotine to spark energy, elevate mood, reduce anxiety, and focus.

Smokers report that quitting is difficult because these feelings make them miserable, and the cravings become so intense that they cannot keep their minds on anything else. Long-term smokers become adjusted to high dopamine levels, resulting in normal dopamine levels making them feel terrible. Once nicotine is absent, they began to feel jittery and irritable. The feeling grows intense by the eighth hour after nicotine withdrawal and takes many weeks to recede.

If you’ve seen the recent Chantix commercial featuring Goodfellas star Ray Liotta, you know that medications have been developed to help people manage these symptoms. As Liotta notes, quitting was the toughest challenge of his life, but he is now enjoying his favorite role: a nonsmoker. Chantix works by reducing the urge to smoke and blocking withdrawal effects. It has properties that bind to nicotine receptors. When this happens, the urge to smoke is blocked. Also, withdrawal effects are minimized because Chantix contains no nicotine but has elements that act like nicotine.

Chantix is great news for busy professionals who need to stop smoking. If you run a business or work in a fast-paced occupation, you know you’ve got to be on top of your game at all times. Spending months suffering from nicotine withdrawal could leave you far behind the competition.

Chantix stops those withdrawal effects, so you can keep in the game and quit smoking. Because this medication reduces both the urge to smoke and withdrawal symptoms, it has been effective for millions of people. To save on the cost of Chantix, try a Chantix Coupon Card from SingleCare.