Every business owner wants to improve the business that brings in revenues. Success is progressive and needs constant upgrade and improvement. As the adage says that the goose that laid the golden egg ought to be taken care off. The goose is the business owner while the success of your business in the egg. Therefore, below are ten ways in which small business can lay golden eggs.

1. Follow your dreams

It starts with you, the motivations for running your business is what determines the success of the business. Never lose sight of what you want for your business, you should live it, dream it, study and learn from your experiences. Advice from fellow business owners is invaluable, words of wisdom warning you of pitfalls and guiding you to the paths of success is all that you need.

2. Flexibility

The growth of your business comes with many changes. Many of these changes will force you to change your practices and systems. Sometimes you might have the rigidity to change, in any case, who wants to changes systems or methods that have brought so much success. It’s good to stick to your guns, however, sometimes the growth of your business demands that you adapt and be flexible so that your business can continue laying golden eggs.

3. Hire workers

As your business grows so is your workforce. It can be a daunting task at first especially when considering the cost implication to a small business. Also, hiring too many workers may take up resources that could be used elsewhere. On the other hand, hiring a few workers may directly affect your business. Therefore, the best solution for a small business is hiring temporary staff and contract workers. This approach will limit costs as well as well it will help you to plan for future permanent staff.

4. Have an SEO strategy

In the era of e-commerce, it critical that you invest in online presence, using SEO tools like Google My Business listing (GMB). GMB will assist you in showing up in Google’s finder, local pack, Organic findings and Google maps. Utilizing Google map will help your prospective clients to locate your business through the GPS optimized maps. Ranking your business in local can be challenging, to make it easy you can take help of SEO agencies to assist you. In your business strategy, google maps will help you to get a high placement as possible. Moreover, if your business relies on booking, then GMB has a booking feature that assists your business in standing out.

5. Prioritize quality over quantity

One of the typical pitfalls of a growing business is the pressure to increase production or capacity. More often than not business tend to forget the about the quality of their products. It’s easier to produce more than to offer quality products. Small businesses should know that quality products will keep you more in the game than quantity.

6. Customer service

One of the major challenges of a small business is lack of experience in customer service. Customers want to feel appreciated, valued and valuable. Also, a small business might be short of customer service personnel. Hence, small businesses need to build capacity so as they can offer excellent customer service.

7. Have a strategy to promote your business

Well, you can build your business, have quality products, but if you don’t have a budget and a plan to promote the business, then your efforts will be futile. One of the best approaches for promoting your business is the use of social media adverts.

For example, Facebook has many marketing tools which will assist you in your endeavors. Their blueprint training program will help you in utilizing these tools and achieving success.

8. Innovation

Increasing customer value is the key to continued small business successes. That is a constant need for goods and services that will make life easier. Customers are always yearning for newer simple products. Innovation will assist you in your sales and revenues. Innovation will help you to avoid gold rush pitfalls. After the gold rush is over for a particular product, you will always have a newer product for your customers. Well, innovation strategy doesn’t come without risks, there is a good chance your new product will fail hence experimentation is vital. Consistent innovation and testing will help you build capacity and experience.

9. Passion and consistency

These two principles might sound simple, but they are the difference between success or failure. You can’t substitute your love for your products, neither can you substitute commitment. You can alternate the thrill of receiving an order and processing it for your clients. Passion drives you to put in more hours in your business. If you don’t have the spirit of entrepreneurship, then everything you are doing is useless. Consistency is what makes you do your thing on a daily basis. You should never tire to attend to your business.

10. Nothing lasts forever

Finally, it’s important to know that nothing lasts forever, your business and even the flow of customers will eventually settle down. Many businesses fall right after the golden period. The gold rush might be captivating for the business that it might hinder you from having a long-term strategy. The high expenditures and failure to recognize when the end of the cycle is catastrophic to your business. Therefore, understanding your business will help you to plan on the numbers of staff that you need, how many products you need to produce. It will also help you understand the business cycles so that you can optimize the business in every situation.


Running a small business calls for observing many rules of running a business successfully. You are not going to lay any golden eggs if you are not going to follow your passion, put in the hours, utilize the technology around you, be flexible and put up a marketing strategy.