Every year is a new year for accessories, and 2018 is no exception to this rule. Fashion has been around for centuries and will continue to be around so long as individuals have free will and personal tastes. Time goes by, so fashions cycle to reflect the fears and the frivolities of the era. 2018 is a year within the new internet and borderless world era.

Let’s look at some of the latest fashion show accessories that will carry our intrepid fashion-forward thinking individuals along their various paths around the globe.

I just wish to remind all my readers that fashion is a personal and individual taste, you can like or hate or be impartial to whatever is being dished out, just don’t be a sheep and follow a trend because everyone else is doing it. Wear what you like, look and feel how you want to be and enjoy your only life.

There is a lot of fashion as usual, so I am only presenting the five I personally appreciate, after all, I cannot know what you like, but I can know what the fashion industry presents and that I like.


Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2018

This falls fashion all about size, the bigger, the better, and with a world gone UV safe crazy, bigger lenses mean better protection for the eyes, the cheeks, and the forehead.  Without overstating the obvious, this Dian von Furstenberg design captures the delicacy of an understated frame with the exuberance of butterfly wing shape.

I must state that this is not my first choice, far from it, but the name and the image captured some memories of a life I might never have had to buy watched in a movie. These hands-free pouches sling around the upper body like a Stalingrad snipers ammo belt. I like them because, for a traveler with passports and cash, you always want to find a safe and easily accessible place for them. This looks great for an airport romp, as well as a general under-jacket option too. Oh, and if you happen to be in Saint Petersburg, don’t expect these necklace pouches to be filled with ammunition.

Vogue Necklaces

This year and for 2019, Vogue is presenting us with two options, the layered necklace, and the delicate one. Both options present the same core element, and that is a delicate pendant on a delicate chain. The ultimate understatement of beauty, delicacy and the fact that you can wear a necklace even if it isn’t made of paste to look like a million-dollar piece or a large clunky, chunky plasticity overstatement. This year its all about charm and charms. You should checkout Bikerringshop if you’re into silver and skull necklaces.

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