Startups have a lot of operational issues to deal with daily so finding an office space, specifically the set-up costs for it, can prove tricky. Serviced offices are springing up as a helpful solution to aid startups by offering freedom and flexibility, otherwise missing from traditional office environments. A serviced, or managed, office comes furnished with internet and phone services all set up and ready to use. Below is a list of the main benefits serviced offices can offer startup businesses.

1. Flexible

Gone are the days of long-term contracts, locking your business into leases you may not be sure you’ll need in a year’s time, with big upfront costs like deposits and legal fees. Most start-ups will have a strict or even non-existent budget, making serviced offices, with their short-term rental options, ideal. Possibilities are somewhat endless, your business can choose to upsize or downsize as needed, or even move around the world. Most services will grant you a ’membership’ with access to a network of offices in different locations.

2. Facilities

When searching for an office, there are stages to the process that involves finding a space first followed by decorating and adding in those all-important extras like a coffee machine. This is labour intensive and not really suitable for businesses with small budgets or the uncertainty of the future. Serviced offices cut out all these worries by maintaining stylish spaces that are ready to use and full of trendy perks. You can sign up for a serviced office one day and be ready to host meetings in a suitable space the next.

3. Locations

Having an office at a prestigious address remains very good practice for businesses looking to add gravitas to their growing brand but it’s rarely good for budgets. Serviced offices anticipate this by locating facilities in iconic parts of cities, like London’s Soho and Mayfair, or in the middle of tech and business hubs. Since you’re unlikely to be the sole occupant of an office, the costs associated with a prestigious address will be shared, and the befits reaped.

4. Networking

Following on from the last point of sharing a space with other businesses, you’ll be in a great position to meet likeminded business people and make new connections. You never know just who you’ll meet and how it might positively impact your business opportunities. Being surrounded by other start ups is bound to spark creativity and conversation!

As you can see, serviced offices offer the perfect solution for start ups looking to hit the ground running without getting bogged down in legal fees and long-term contracts. Click here for more information.