Startups are all the rage in today’s marketplace. They involve tons of risk. They require payrolls full of relevant expertise. They’re virtually required to raise venture capitalist financing in order to succeed.

Further, tech startups are more popular than any other startup. After all, social media is used by one-third of people around the world even though modern platforms were developed less than 15 years ago, smartphones are in seemingly everyone’s hands, and technology helps every business do everything – and that’s almost literally the truth; before you know it, technology will be the biggest sector in business and will dominate all others.

Starting a technology startup isn’t easy – it’s believably quite hard

If everybody knew how to successfully scale a startup, anybody could do it. However, there’s no cut-and-dry formula to use in creating startups. Most small businesses fail within a few years of their incorporation; a vast majority of startups don’t even see it out of the starting gate.

Here are several aspects of business that every successful tech startup will have – this doesn’t mean that all businesses with such characteristics will succeed, but that every tech startup worth its weight in salt will share all five of these traits.

Fake it ’til you make it

A doctor, for example, should never fake it ’til he makes it because he puts people’s lives at risk. Startups, on the other hand, don’t carry the same potential burden as their physician counterparts.

Every successful startup will claim to be worth more than what it really is worth through creative valuations that no other businesses’ worth would be calculated by.

Never cut contracts short

Businesses are legal entities. Disputes between them, their founders, customers, and shareholders are settled in courts of law. As such, protecting a tech startup through excessive measures is the only way to protect it legally. Never skimp on intellectual property and contact attorneys when you’re creating a tech startup.

How good can a company be without good workers?

Startups are known for inventions and innovation. As such, in order to succeed, your company needs to hire the best developers. Spending more money to bag top-notch human capital is well worth the cost when it comes to tech startups.

Don’t forget about transparency

With Facebook’s privacy issues making a splash this year, tech startups would be stupid not to protect themselves against privacy concerns. They should be as transparent as possible – and not just claim to be transparent – and go out of their way in doing so.

Go to states that have well-established venture capital markets

An essential part of succeeding as a tech startup is being able to acquire funding en masse. Scoping out states like California, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas – those with the best startup markets – is essential for achieving success as a tech startup.

Operating startups will never be easy. They’re stressful, they can leave proprietors broke, and can leave lives in shambles. However, following these five tips will help improve shots at startup success.


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