There’s nothing gained by being humble in business. With so much competition out there, showing off your business achievements is essential for gaining credibility and attracting new customers. Here are just a few ways you should be showing off more.

Display testimonials on your website

Testimonials are examples of positive feedback from previous clients. Displaying these on your website can help to build the trust of new customers by proving that you’ve worked with other customers before and made them happy. Make sure that you’re actively asking clients for feedback by offering feedback forms of encouraging reviews on sites like Trip Advisor. You should always ask a client before using their feedback as a testimonial – especially if you plan to quote their name.

Post about successes on social media

Most people show off about their private life on social media – why not also show off about your business achievements? If your gardener or the owner of a cleaning company, you could display before and after photos on your social media (with permission from the client of course). If you’re at a business event with some VIPs, why not tweet about it or post a like Facebook video? Posting constant news of your success will show people that your company is consistently achieving and that the testimonials on your site are still relevant today.

Get your local news outlet to write about your achievements

You can also encourage local new outlets to write about your achievements – getting in the local news for the right reasons could be a huge boost to your reputation. To increase your chances of getting featured, you may want to consider hiring a PR company to do a small campaign – they can contact lots of local news outlets and radios in your area and find an angle which will get your featured either as a new story or an interview.

Share your company stats

If you’re having a good year, why not show off some of your business stats using interactive annual report software. This will show clients that a) you have nothing to hide and b) you can back up your success with hard statistics. There may be other stats that you want to share with clients too such as your company’s energy savings or the amount of money that you’ve given to charity – anything that will help to display your company in a positive light. Be careful of using any stats that could be used against you by your competitors.

Show off your company certificates

If you’ve got any certificates, make sure to display these where clients can see them. These could be anything from license certificates to food hygiene ratings to business awards. Frame these and put them on the walls of your premises and make sure to mention them on your website using award badges and logos. Even if they are compulsory licenses, it’s worth mentioning them just to show people that you are in fact qualified.


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