Many people have hopes and dreams when it comes to a career, but their criminal history could potentially impact their chances of securing a role.

With employers regularly performing background checks on candidates, it is only natural to be a little anxious about whether you will secure employment. If you are unsure what the future holds, find out how a criminal record could affect your career.

Disqualification from various careers

Unfortunately, a criminal record could automatically disqualify you from certain careers. There are many industries that will regularly perform background checks before hiring a potential employee. As a result, they may not hire you for a role based on your record.

For example, you may not be able to embark on a career in airport security, financial institutions, jobs related to children, driving jobs that require a commercial license, and private security. It will simply depend on the nature of your offense and the length of time since your conviction.

You might not be an appealing candidate to an employer

Even if a criminal record doesn’t immediately disqualify you from a role, it could put your trustworthiness into question. For example, an employer does not want to hand over the keys to a company car if you have a past DUI, unless they provide you with an ignition interlock.

It could be difficult to climb the career ladder

Sadly, employees with a criminal record might struggle to climb the career ladder, as a business might view them as a risk to their reputation. Even if an employer is understanding of your background and doesn’t judge you for it, they will most likely want to promote staff who symbolize their brand’s values and morals.

An employer will not want to risk their business

If your criminal record was for fraud, a prospective employer might not view you as a dependable candidate. They might also be apprehensive about hiring you, as they will not want to be held legally responsible for any offense you commit.

Talk to a potential employer

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you might struggle to secure employment with a criminal record. However, you will know when a potential employer is performing a background check, as they will need your written consent before doing so. Rather than allowing them to find out the information on their own, it is essential to be upfront with an employer from the start, which could make you appear more trustworthy.

Be honest during your interview about your criminal background, so you will have an opportunity to share your side of the story. It’s also vital you express how you have changed since your conviction and how you simply need an opportunity to prove it.

You can guarantee a prospective employer will appreciate your honesty, which could help you to land a new job. You should also backup your knowledge, skills, and dependability by providing glowing references from professionals with no criminal history.


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