Trying to find someone that has moved away, or completing a few missing details in your family tree can be made easier with the use of a quality people locator service. Intelius offers a people finder service that is simple to use and connects you with the important information you need right away.

Locate people using a name

As long as you have a currently used name you can use a people locator service to find out their location. It is a great way to try and reconnect with family members, classmates, old co-workers, or past neighbors. If they are active in the world, their information will show up with a search.

Find out who’s calling

You have the ability to find out what individual or company is attached to any number that calls. It can be aggravating to get calls that do not show who it is trying to make contact. You can also use this feature to locate someone if you are not sure of their full name and have their current phone number.

Learn vital criminal histories

Using a people finder service allows you to seek out information on individuals in particular states. For example, if you use the FL people finder selection and switch to background check options, you will have the ability to retrieve criminal history information right easily. It works for every state in the country. You can find out the infor5mation you need to stay safe from individuals with a violent criminal record.

Locate people through civil court records

Footprints are always left behind when people engage in civil court proceedings. It can be as simple as a small claims court hearing, or a divorce. It becomes a matter of public record and helps you trace the location of someone quickly. It can also help you differentiate between people that might have exact similar names.

Use information to research family history

A people locator service like the one offered by Intelius provides the most updated information available. You can use this service to begin tracing your family history. You might be surprised where it all takes you.

If you have a driving need to get ahold of someone that you have lost contact with, a people finder service will help shed some light on where they are currently residing. It can save you a ton of money over hiring a private detective.


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