If you’re looking to do something smart with your money, then investing it is a great option. There’s nothing worse than having money and doing nothing with it, particularly when you could be using it to get even more money. An investment helps you do that; you put your money into something, and it grows in value. The trick is finding the right investments that will bring in the big bucks. Here are four ideas to help you get started:

Residential property

You guessed it; property is by far and away the best thing you can invest in. But, make sure you pick up some residential property especially. In my eyes, this is the best option as you have way more opportunities to make money from a house, flat, and so on.

People have been investing in property for years, and the most popular method of making money is buying a residential property and then renting it out. By becoming a landlord, you can now demand monthly rental payments from tenants and keep a pretty steady stream of income.

The other way of bringing in the big bucks is by buying and selling different residential properties. If you buy when the time is right, you can snap up a home for a bargain. Then, you can make little improvements to it – boosting the market value – and sell it on for a profit. When done correctly, this method will bring in a lot of money.

While all of this is already very impressive, the best thing about residential property is that it’s an easily accessible investment. There are ways to help people buy homes thanks to mortgages and other schemes from governments and banks.


Investing in land is one of the most forgotten things in the world. Hardly anyone thinks about it as they’re usually hung up on investing in different properties. As we’ve already discussed, a property or two can definitely bring in the money – but so can a plot of land!

The thing that makes land such an attractive investment is that you have multiple ways of making money from it. As you can see from the SATP website, there are acres of land for sale that can be used for farming different animals. This opens up a potential business opportunity as you can make money from farming cattle and selling their milk, etc.

Alternatively, there’s nothing stopping you from investing in land and then renting it out to someone that wants to use it for their own farm, or perhaps a different venture. Likewise, you can always sell your land to property developers, and they’ll pay to be allowed to build houses on it.

The opportunities are endless, and it’s a great thing to invest in if you want to make a lot of money. What’s more, land is something that a lot of people can inherit, which means you essentially get to invest in it for free!


This is an idea that most people almost forget is an option when looking for an investment. If you do some research, you will find there are loads of different people out there with startup ideas that need some financial backing. As a result, this could be the perfect investment for you.

It’s arguably the most simple investment you can make as well. All you have to do is find a startup you believe in, invest your money, then watch the owner go to work as they try and make the company a success. The only downside is that it’s potentially risky – I would say much more precarious than the other investments on this list. You don’t have a great deal of control over your investment, you’re putting a lot of faith in the people behind the idea, hoping that they turn it into a successful business.

However, the flip side of this is that you could strike gold and invest in the next big thing. Think of how many businesses started off as small ideas that needed a little investment, and transformed into massive companies that are now worth billions! The vital thing behind this investment is ensuring you choose the perfect startup to pump your money into.

Stocks & shares

Sometimes, you can’t help but invest in some stocks & shares. The stock market has long been a place for investors to congregate and turn small sums of money into mini fortunes. If you know how to play the market, then you can soon trade your way to the top.

It’s undeniable that stocks & shares are a worthwhile investment that brings in a lot of money. Furthermore, you can make money in two different ways. The first way is by taking things slow and steady, while the second way is by fully immersing yourself in the world of trading.

The first option is arguably the easiest way of making money as you invest in some shares and sit back as they grow in value. It could take years before you end up making a decent enough profit, but it’s still a very low-effort, almost no-risk way of making money.

The second option is where you sit down and watch the market for hours on end. You work with a broker who tells you what to invest in and when to sell. You could make numerous trades per day that end up making you a lot of money. The catch is, it’s a pretty high-maintenance option, and there’s a high degree of risk involved.

There are your four different investment ideas to consider. Each one has pros and cons, it all comes down to whatever idea interests you the most. Some people may love the stock market and want to put their money there. Others may have an interest in land and think that’s the route for them. Plenty of people adore the real estate market, so it could be perfect for them. Finally, if you love the thought of supporting a small business, then investing in a startup is the ideal choice.


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