Keeping your customers satisfied is vital for the survival of your business. When their wants and needs are always changing, you need to have your finger on the pulse. There are various standards that any business needs to meet, but you should think about how you can go above and beyond too.

Respond to feedback

Collecting customer feedback is a good way to show them that you care about what they think. But if you don’t do anything with their feedback, it just looks like lip service. Use the feedback you collect to change how you do things – but only when there’s a clear consensus or demand.

Be there when they need you

People increasingly want customer service to be available all the time. They might not need to speak to someone on the phone 24/7, but some form of customer service can be useful. This could include social media representatives or perhaps chatbots and live chat.

Offer a human touch

Everything is getting more automated, especially with the use of AI and machine learning. But it’s important that you still offer a human touch and your customers get to speak to a real person sometimes. Tech should complement your staff, not replace them.

Provide different communication methods

Your customers can have different preferences for customer service channels. Some like to email, others want to talk on the phone and some might like to get in touch via social media. Find out what your customers prefer so that you can provide it for them.

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