While businesses put a lot of effort into getting new customers, retaining current clients is equally or even more important. When customers return for your products, it shows that they are satisfied with what you offer. Moreover, a company can count on the return clients over time. Adept business owners know that it is cheaper and easier to get existing customers to make repeat buys than it is to find new clients. It’s six times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Any seasoned business owner understands the importance of making customers remember their business and becoming loyal customers. Unfortunately, it’s common for business owners to think that, if they have a great product or service, customers will always remember their business and make repeat purchases. While this might happen in some cases, it cannot last for long, and customers eventually leave. Therefore, as a business owner, you must take steps to make your customers remember your business and become loyal customers.

Here are three ideas you use to make your customers remember your business.

1. Use promotional products and perks

Companies usually offer free promotional products at events, trade shows, and conferences. These products can be anything that is associated with your company, from products to company-branded merchandise such as notepads, pens, and t-shirts. When customers see your company’s name regularly, it makes them remember your business when they have a need.

You just need to ensure that the information on the products is visible and unique. You can also offer perks such as discounts or a free service to your customers to make them come back. Customers rarely forget rewards and hence will keep coming back to your business for more rewards.

2. Use a vanity phone number

A vanity phone number can be very beneficial to your business. Not only is it a key part of your brand and marketing strategy but it’s also easy to remember for customers. A vanity phone number is a customized number which has a specific sequence of digits or spells out a specific word(s).

Vanity numbers are easy to remember hence enables your customers to remember your business. A recent study shows that vanity numbers improve recall rates by 84% compared to numeric numbers. They also communicate important information about your business, including your company’s name, your service and how people can contact you.

3. Stay in touch

The main reason why customers leave a company is that they feel that you don’t care about them. In order to stay in your customers’ minds, you need to build a relationship with them after the sale by staying in touch. One of the best ways to do so is by using social media.

Today, most people check social media quite often. Therefore, be active on social media and be part of your customers’ feed. This way, they will be reminded of your business. You can also use other ways of staying in touch with your customers, such as by sending them special incentives and email newsletters. However, keep communication meaningful to avoid becoming a nuisance.


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