There are many new e-commerce sites popping up throughout the internet on a daily basis. These e-commerce sites are vying for the attention of the same people throughout the world. How do they attract and retain business when there is so much competition in the world?

This article will discuss eight business hacks that will help all e-commerce business grow. These eight hacks are built a brand, target the best customers, adding personal touches to marketing, using video to market, creating quality content for content marketing, reduce abandonment rate of your shopping carts, encourage social media exchanges with your customers, and targeting long-tail words. Each of these will be examined in more detail below.

Building a brand

Building a brand is not only about who you are or what you sell. To build a brand an e-commerce site will need to set themselves apart from the competition. They do this by building their brand.

To build a brand, successfully one will need to know what will make their site stand out in the crowd. This is no easy task. But, doing so will set you apart from all other e-commerce sites. This is why Amazon stands out in front of Target. They have successfully proven they are different from Target stores.

Targeting the best customers

Who are the best customers you might ask? The best customers are those customers who not only visit your e-commerce site and make a purchase but those clients who keep coming back. When the customer goes through the checkout the first time, they just have to leave their email address.

This email address is the way to target them. When you send your customers a followup email with more marketing materials in it, this consumer is most likely to return to your e-commerce site. When they return they are the most likely to complete another purchase.

Adding a personal touch to marketing

This is why you get to the soft side of all shoppers. Internet shoppers are the most important shoppers now. Did you know that most people do all their shopping, yes even their grocery shopping online today? This is therefore important to be personal. Personalization of website features is the key to gaining customers.

You get personal with an email message by doing more than addressing the client by his or her name. You can select items from your site. You should base these items you select from the clients browsing history. This will create a tender spot in them when they open their email from your company.

Using video in your marketing

This is what most people are considering a highly plausible advertisement anymore. They are the most likely to watch a video on your site than to read a long blog that you have written. You can recite the same blog in a matter of minutes.

Making the video interesting and interacting will only enhance the marketing message. This form of marketing is gaining plenty of ground in recent years. Consumers look forward to an entertaining advertisement video as opposed to some boring blog to read.

Creating quality content

What is quality content you might ask? Quality content is content that will receive better than average viewers. If your average viewer rate is said five thousand views, you should aim to get ten thousand views out of your quality content.

This means that you should double or triple the number of views that your content receives. Doing so on a consistent basis will drive more potential clients to your site. The more views of your content and clicking on the links to your site equal more sales on your end. This is where you want is it not?

Reducing shopping cart abandonment

This is a complex task to partake in. There are studies that show shopping cart abandonment is up. There is no way to get a one hundred percent conversion rates from your shopping cart. But, to reduce the amount of time the shopping cart is abandoned will help increase the revenue from your site.

This is done by studying the clients. You want to drive more clients who are not on the fence to your site. These are the consumers who have the money to buy from you and do. Those who sit on the fence abandon their cart.

Encouraging customers to share on social media

This is the approach word-of-mouth works today. If people are not talking about your site and your products or services on social media, you might as well say that you do not exist.

Encouraging the customers who visit your site to share on their shared media accounts is not enough. You have to interact with the customer on their social media accounts. This will make the customer feel important. A client that feels like an important customer is a happy customer. A happy customer is the one who will return to your site.

Targeting long tail keywords

Extended tail keywords are keywords that are not competitive. To get these keywords in organic searches is something of a challenge. However, to get these keywords in an organic search could mean you are getting to be on page one, maybe even the original position of page one, on the search engine results.

You will need to test your keywords on a regular basis. Getting on the first page of the search results means your site is being found by the search engine spiders. Of course, then your site is being found by potential customers as well.

In conclusion, this article discussed various tactics on how to grow an e-commerce business. This article discussed eight tactics to use when seeking to grow your business. These eight tactics have been studied. These studies have shown these tactics to work for finding and retaining new consumers for an e-commerce business. There are more tactics that are equally well.

However, this article only selected the eight we think to make the best sense of how to grow your e-commerce business. This article also discussed the ways to keep customers from abandoning their carts.


  1. Great Tips, You have shared very helpful and informational article for startups and all small business who are eager to make their brand.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    I also highly believe in targeting long tail keywords, as they are usually the low-hanging fruits and the benefits of targeting them can add up in the long term.


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