The short answer to this question is yes, laser printers can print photos. Here’s a quick insight into the world of high-quality colour laser printers that do an excellent job at printing photos.

Printing photos on laser and LED printers

When printing photos or images for business use, the question is no longer whether you need a laser or inkjet printer, but which printer will produce the highest quality colour photo prints necessary at the lowest cost per page.

Inkjet and laser printers work in fundamentally different ways and the general thought is that inkjet printers are best for printing images and laser printers perform better printing text.

However, the increasing quality of laser and LED laser printers means it’s possible to use a colour laser printer for both image and text heavy prints.

Colour laser printers can produce high-quality prints more quickly and at a lower cost per page than alternative printers. This means that more businesses are bringing their printing in-house with laser printers and avoiding having to outsource photo printing to expensive professional printers.

For more information on laser printers in general, here’s an article explaining how laser printers work.

Also, with the rising popularity of LED laser printing, it’s not only regular laser printers that can provide a great solution to your photo printing needs.

LED laser printing ensures that image and text reproduction are both clean and crisp, with high dpi and excellent colour reproduction. LED printers are also generally inexpensive to run compared to alternatives, as they have low energy usage, print using low-cost toner consumables, and are considered more reliable and less likely to break than other printing technologies.

What paper to print on

Although all laser printers can print high-quality photos on regular paper of varying sizes and GSM, to get the proper photograph finish you can choose to print on specialist laser photo paper.

HP and other manufacturers produce paper that is specifically designed for printing photos on a laser printer, and it’ll create a clean and crisp finish that can make your photos look even better.

Having a stock of laser photo paper alongside regular paper means that you’ll be able to switch it depending on what you’re printing.

Which laser printers perform best when printing photos?

The Xerox Versalink LED range offers a variety of LED printers with different capabilities such as printing speed, connectivity, and toner capacity.

The Lexmark CX827de is a laser printer that’s specifically designed for businesses that want to print professional looking brochures and documents. With Pantone colour calibration, colour reproduction in photo printing is outstanding. It also offers professional document finishing options such as staplers and hole punches.

A3 printers are also particularly good for printing all kinds of image-based marketing materials in various sizes and on a range of materials, making creating banners, pamphlets, and other business materials easy.

If you’re looking for an economical, quick printing, and colour accurate printer for photo reproduction, a laser printer could be the best bet for you.

The upfront costs of laser printers may still be higher than inkjets but the lower cost and longevity of toner, rather than ink, will eventually outweigh the overall cost of an inkjet printer and inks.


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