Financial products and statistics can be quite exhausting for people to understand and recall. Reading those long documents of terms & conditions, policy change announcements, etc. can be equally tedious.

What people want is the precise information which can benefit them and that too in a comprehensible way. Rather than such ineffective explanations, it’s always profitable to go for engaging explainer videos which can disseminate boring, complicated facts into impactful audio-visuals.

Nowadays, most financial organisations are using short animated videos to educate and engage customers more effectively.

Starting from complex internal processes to explaining a utility of personal loan, a beautifully made 90 seconds video can do it all!
Below are 10 such examples of bank and credit card videos to better elaborate the idea.

1. Union Bank Launch Video

It’s a whiteboard animation video announcing the advertising re-launch of Union Bank for their customers and partners. Primarily used by B2B and B2C companies, this type of video explains a concept by drawing illustrations in white and black sketches. The Union Bank Launch Video is simple and to-the-point, declaring that they will be voicing the aspects which make banking great!

2. Bank of Queensland Clock TVC

The Bank of Queensland Clock TVC of 30 seconds expresses their pleasure to spend time with their customers through this funny, animated video. The character of a customer narrates his days in navy and other stuff apart from his 4th call for home loan to a BOQ representative, who patiently lends her ears.

3. AFFIN Bank – Islamic Credit Card-i

Produced by Kasra Design, This fully animated explainer video from AFFIN Islamic Bank describes their Shariah-compliant credit cards, their features and even their contributions to charity organisations. It’s a mix of exciting 2D and 3D animated techniques, correctly visualizing the utility of this financial product.

4. Provident – ‘Imagine a Bank – Randy’

Provident Bank has created an amazing video where a stick figure character showcases his satisfaction on using the bank’s debit card while shopping. These videos are great for explaining the utility and benefit of a product.

5. Vancity – Credit Card Financial Literacy

What better way to assure customers of your complete support than videos like Vancity’s credit card financial literacy? With a mix of texts and characters, this colourful explainer video addresses the common issues faced by a credit card holder and how Vancity can help.

6. American Express Platinum Commercial

American Express came up with this graphic style animated video which explores the advantages of using their Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card in day-to-day life.

7.VISA Infinite

This one is a short 1-minute silhouette video which perfectly plays with the expressions and activities of the characters. VISA created it for broadcasting in VIP rooms of banks, airports as well as on their official website. It mainly promotes the advantages of using VISA Infinite Card.

8. Bank OZK | New Name, Same Commitment

Bank of the Ozarks has used the video style which comes with endless possibilities – 3D animation. Appropriate for commercial purposes, the bank used this technique to create their rebrand video announcing a name change to Bank OZK while keeping the commitments same. 3D animations are livelier and can better connect with the audience, impacting them more personally.

9. Bank of Scotland ‘Savings’

Bank of Scotland chose to use the 2D animation style for their explainer video which comprises colourful life illustrations. The video shows various purposes why people save money for the future and assures that the bank will be there whenever the customer needs it. Businesses willing to explain a concept precisely can go for this type of explainer video.

10. SPAREBANK1 – The History

Want something to explain a journey or a phase or maybe a process? Here’s an excellent example from Sparebank1. The video contains a unique style of illustrations and animation narrating their history and journey so far.

Hence, if you are into this financial sector, create an explainer video to demonstrate your ideas, products or services and make a lasting impact.

As CEO and Creative Director at Kasra Design, Alex is responsible for the art direction as well as overseeing the progress and development of each video production to make sure that all projects are delivered flawlessly.


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