Bigger brands manage to draw in new customers because the reputations of those companies precede them. However, small businesses don’t have this luxury. During your early days, it’s up to you to get the target market to notice you. It’s not always true that “if you build it then they will come”.

If the market doesn’t know that your business exists then you’ll fade into obscurity very quickly. You need to shout loudly to make sure that heads turn. Your company needs to find ways to make sure the target market gravitates towards it over the competition. Expanding your client base is all about the chase, initially, so let’s talk about ways to successfully secure new customers.

Impress all potential leads

You might think that your business is growing slowly because the target market just isn’t interested in what you’re selling, but the truth is that you might simply be failing to make them interested. Perhaps you’re selling products or services of equal quality to the successful brands in your industry, but the problem is that you’re simply not putting in the effort to impress all potential leads.

As is the theme of this article, you have to chase your target audience to build your reputation. The bigger your client base, the more you’ll start to see customers come to you. But, at first, you need to graft to get the market to notice you.

The small details can make a big difference. Perhaps you could send handwritten letters to clients or potential clients. Such a personal touch will make it hard for businesses or individuals to forget you. In this digital age, a tangible letter will make much more of an impact than an email.

It’ll tell the client in question that your business really cares about the service it delivers. If you put that much thought into correspondence then they’ll know that you put a lot of thought into your products and services. If you’ve arranged a meeting with a client then you might even want to arrange to pick them up from the airport with the Boston Executive Limo Service.

Offering high-class transport to your clients or potential customers will definitely make a good impression. Your business has to be brave enough to spend a little on “wining and dining” leads to increase the odds of securing some new business.

Make customers feel valued

Increasing sales is very different from increasing your client base. You might receive a high number of sales on a monthly basis and bring in respectable profits, but one-time customers won’t help your company to grow. Client retention needs to be your goal, and the key is to make each customer feel valued.

One way in which you can achieve this is to make sure you stay in touch. You might frantically rush to chase new leads down all potential avenues, but if you don’t do follow-up work with each lead then you might lose them. Casting a wide net is a smart idea, but you need to be ready to reel in any catches. Maintain your focus.

Whether we’re talking about one-time customers or potential clients who were sitting on the fence, you need to show people that your business cares. Customers usually move on when they feel that a company doesn’t value them.

Maybe you could send an email to every new client to thank them for their custom; you could attach a voucher or a discount code to show that you want them to return. They’ll know you care about them. You could also provide discounts and deals to customers who have returned repeatedly to show that you value loyalty. This will help you to build lasting relationships with customers and create a solid client base.


One of the best ways to expand your client base is to diversify. In other words, you should chase leads in new areas of the market. Targeting a specific niche is a smart way to offer a unique service to a unique audience, but you might need to widen your marketing approach if you want your business to grow. Some research might help you with this goal.

Find out what consumers in the target market want from businesses in your industry. Take polls, and do surveys. Find out what different markets want, and offer them the solutions they crave. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to find a gap in the market that your rivals have missed. If you can offer something that your target market needs then you’ll quickly start to expand your client base.


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