Amie: The joyful all-in-one productivity app

Amie: The joyful all-in-one productivity app

Ditch the dread, embrace the joy. Meet Amie, your all-in one productivity app.

Tired of productivity apps that feel like a second job? Let Amie turn your to-do list into a victory lap!

Amie isn’t your typical productivity app. She’s your friendly, supportive companion who helps you achieve more while feeling good doing it.

Here’s how Amie makes you more productive. 

Schedule it all – seamlessly: Ditch app-juggling! Amie combines todos, emails, and calendar into one beautiful workspace. Schedule time for tasks, meetings, and even emails – Amie understands you!

Focus like a pro: Get your flow on with smart Pomodoro timers and gentle nudges to keep you on track. No more guilt trips, just gentle reminders to crush your goals!

Find your balance: Work hard, play hard! Amie helps you schedule breaks and unwind with music, ensuring you stay both productive and energized.

Integrate your favorites: Don’t leave your beloved apps behind! Amie plays nicely with tools like Things3, Apple Health, and Spotify, making your workflow smooth and familiar.

Joy in every detail: From adorable animations to personalized greetings, Amie injects fun and positivity into your day. Every task completed is a celebration!

Ready to ditch the dread and embrace the joy? Try Amie now and turn your productivity around.

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