Equals: Business intelligence, but dead easy

Equals: Business intelligence, but dead easy

Equals app instantly turns spreadsheets into dashboards powered by live data and auto-distributes up-to-date reports to Slack, email, and Slides in a few clicks.

Equals is a spreadsheet tool with built-in SQL Editor and Visual Builder to query databases and 25+ SaaS tools. It allows users to create dashboards and reports without having to learn a new tool or language. Equals also integrates with Slack, email, and Slides, so users can automatically distribute their reports to key stakeholders.

Equals also offers a variety of other features, such as:

Scheduled queries: Equals can automatically refresh your data and update your dashboards on a schedule.
Auto-expand: Equals can automatically expand your dashboards to include new data.
Collaboration: Equals allows you to collaborate on dashboards with other users.
Exporting: You can export your dashboards to PDF, PNG, and other formats.

Equals is a powerful and versatile dashboards app that can help businesses of all sizes to improve their efficiency, productivity, and communication.

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