LeadDelta: CRM built for modern teams & creators powered by AI

LeadDelta: CRM built for modern teams & creators powered by AI

LeadDelta is a LinkedIn CRM that is powered by AI. It is designed for modern teams and creators who want to take their relationships to the next level.

Some of the key features of LeadDelta include:

A connections manager that lets you organise your LinkedIn contacts in one place. You can sort and filter your connections, add tags and notes, and create tasks and reminders.
A smart inbox that lets you save time and never miss a crucial conversation. You can pin, star, filter, and tag messages, use customizable templates, and send personalized messages.
A sidebar that lets you go beyond your network. You can unlock contact details and supercharge LeadDelta with new connections. You can also perform quick actions, build lead lists on the go, and import and manage your followers.
Workspaces that let you combine your team’s connections. You can add tags and notes, create team tasks and reminders, and search and filter mutual connections.
Data integration that lets you take advantage of your contacts’ data. You can enrich your CRM, update and export your data, and centralize your network with CSV import.

LeadDelta 3.0 is also integrated with HubSpot, so you can easily transfer your data between the two platforms.

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