Sotion: Membership Management for Notion

Sotion: Membership Management for Notion

Sotion is a membership management tool for Notion pages that allows you to easily control who can access your Notion content. With Sotion, you can create email signups, password protection, paid memberships, and custom domains to create a personalized and professional experience for your members. Create a Notion website in 2 minutes and publish it to your own custom domain. Control access to your Notion site with password protection, email signup, email whitelist, or paid membership.

How it works

Enter the URL of the Notion page you want to move to your custom domain

The app connects your page on a free .sotion.sitedomain for you to test.

Choose if you want Password Protection, Email Signup, or Paid Memberships. Add your custom domain, logo, change the colors, add analytics, and much more. All done via your Sotion Dashboard.

Who Should Use Sotion

* Content creators who want to monetize their Notion content
* Community builders who want to manage access to their Notion-based communities
* Educators who want to create private online courses or learning materials
* Businesses who want to share exclusive content with their customers or partners

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