Typeframes: Video creation for makers

Typeframes: Video creation for makers

Typeframes is a video-making tool, tailored for makers willing to grab attention and grow their business. Create great videos to elevate your brand and convert more customers. It’s the fastest way to put your product in front of thousands.

For makers looking to create professional-looking product intro videos without the hassle of traditional video editing, Typeframes offers a compelling solution.

Ease of use: Typeframes shines with its intuitive interface. Simply input your text, choose a template, customize the visuals and narration, and export your video. No complex editing software required.

AI-powered narration: This unique feature adds a professional touch to your videos with a natural-sounding AI voice-over.

Customization options: While not the most in-depth customization available, Typeframes allows you to personalize the templates with your brand colors, fonts, and even upload your own visuals.

Variety of templates: Choose from a diverse range of pre-designed templates catering to various product types and styles.

Fast production: Create high-quality videos in minutes, saving you valuable time and resources.
Affordable pricing: Compared to hiring videographers or animation studios, Typeframes offers a budget-friendly option for creating professional videos.

Typeframes is an excellent tool for makers, especially those new to video creation or with limited resources. It empowers you to create high-quality product intro videos quickly and easily, boosting your brand image and marketing efforts.

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