Tools and services have helped a lot of startups accomplish tasks easier and faster. And you do not want to miss out on these resources. I personally use some of these tools and I thought you should know about them too.

GoPlan is a simple & effective Task Management / To Do List application that allows you to quickly organize a project, share it with people & see how they’re progressing.

Alltop Startups: Alltop has a great list of blogs and news websites dedicated to the subject Take a read, subscribe to the blogs that interest you, and you’ll be guaranteed to be reading about great ideas and articles for your startup.

Yuuguu integrates with Skype & allows you to host web conferences, share your screen & also initiate real time collaboration with anyone.

Library of Congress’s Entrepreneur’s Reference Guide: Yes, the U.S. Library of Congress has an entrepreneur’s reference guide, while it’s dated (1999), it also lists a lot of great books that are updated yearly. It covers practically every topic related to starting a small business.

With ClickTale , you can see how long it takes people fill out a form & at which points they’re stalling and watch videos of what people are doing on your site.

Inc Tools Get access to free templates on how to find capital & attract VC, how to hire people, how to fire people and resources for general Administration purposes.

The Startup Kits: Entrepreneur Magazine’s website has a gem for entrepreneurs: startup kits. There are kits for everything from starting a restaurant to a consulting firm, complete with articles, guides, marketing tips, and more.

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