With Smoopa, you can share a good price with your friends, buy it for less online, get an in-store price match, or save by signing up for price alerts.

The app uses a custom built barcode scanner and a database of more than 12 million products to help Android owners ascertain immediately if they’re getting a good price or if they’re getting hosed.

Smoopa users select their location — as sourced from Foursquare’s database of places — and scan a product barcode. Once the in-store advertised price is specified, Smoopa compares it against prices from Walmart,, Tiger Direct, Best Buy and a handful of other outlets, factors in online shipping costs when applicable, and spits out a green or yellow color-coded recommendation.

How Smoopa Works

The young startup is based in Massachusetts and California with a team from MIT, Google, and Endeca. An iPhone application and additional features are also said to be in the works, according to Mendel Chuang (co-founder).

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Thomas Oppong is the founder @Alltopstartups.