PapayaMobile, a social gaming network on Android, has secured $18 million in a round of Series B funding. The round was led by Keytone Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in China with a heavy investment focus on the mobile Internet industry (Analogix Semiconductor, Borqs), and DCM, a global venture capital firm with a strong investment focus on social networks and gaming (RenRen, Trion, RockYou, PlayFirst).

PapayaMobile provides both tools for game developers and content for players on its growing social mobile network of over 15 million users worldwide. PapayaMobile offers developers a fast and easy way to reach millions of users across the globe and improve their return on investment for Android game development.

Players can participate in high quality social mobile gaming experiences with rich community interaction across Papaya’s rapidly growing network of hosted games.

PapayaMobile’s latest funding will help expand the growing PapayaMobile developer ecosystem in both the U.S. and Europe, while strengthening the portfolio of PapayaMobile products.

PapayaMobile hosts mobile games on its social network comprised of over 15 million users and offers mobile developers the tools to build high quality social gaming experiences with access to the most comprehensive social graph for gaming on Android & iOS.

“Android growth in China over the next 2 years will be staggering,” said Joe Zhou, Founder and Managing Partner of Keytone Ventures. “Couple this growth with the monetization potential of mobile games in China and we believe PapayaMobile is well positioned to be the leader in social gaming platforms for the largest mobile market in the world.”


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