Caterina Fake, the  founder of Flickr, which was purchased by Yahoo in 2005, and one of the founders of Hunch, a recommendation service, which was bought for $80 million last year by eBay  is working on a new app. Findery, still in public beta was launched earlier this year to help you  find and leave notes around the world. Findery is a new way to leave notes, annotations, tips and photos for fellow users and friends at designated locations and places.

Findery is made of notes. A note can be a story, advice, jokes, diatribes, information, memories, facts, advertisements, love letters, grocery lists and manifestoes. The content of a note is only limited by your imagination. A note can be shared with the world, one to many people, one to one, or only with yourself.

Clicking on the the “Leave a Note” link at the top of the page or the “Leave a Note Here” button at a place will begin the process.  These notes can be shared with one person, or everyone; and can be categorized. Lists allows you to create a group of Findery members that you can leave private notes for. From the Findable By menu on the Leave a Note page, choose Select people.

Users and visitors can easily share public notes on Findery by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter icons in the right-hand column. You can check out the mobile version at Findery iPhone app is currently in internal alpha.

Findery has received $2 million in funding from popular investors, including True Ventures, Founder Collective, SV Angel, Keith Rabois, James Joaquin and Shoshana Berger.


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